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The Nielson Group equips leading organizations with talent development and selection tools and expertise that foster leadership growth and create sustainable transformation.

Our philosophy is to apply talent and organizational diagnostics and leadership interaction in order to build engagement and alignment throughout an organization. We empower individuals and teams to achieve success and drive profits. We are certified leaders in the use of TTI Success Insights assessments including TriMetrix, Talent Insights, EQ, Workplace Stress, individual 360 surveys and organizational 360 surveys.

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The Nielson Group offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Organizational change management, employee engagement diagnostics
  • Talent management design
  • Talent assessments for hiring, talent acquisition, internal selection
  • Executive candidate assessment and evaluation service
  • Leadership development, executive coaching
  • Organizational goal alignment and achievement
  • High-potential, bench development coaching programs
  • Team talent assessment and development
  • Team communication, trust-building and collaboration skills
  • High performing team development
  • Role definition, alignment and talent requirements