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Client references

Hiring and Coaching: "Successfully managing a mission critical team of 20 high tech employees across three geographic areas is too risky to leave to chance so we have been using The Nielson Group to ensure job fit and success through coaching. This multi-site team is responsible for the systems that run HR, pay and benefits for 50,000 employees across the U.S. and supporting systems internationally. Working as a team is critical, as is a high performance level, since there are constant deadlines and no slack time. The assessments have helped us hire the right person for the job. In addition, the job benchmarking process has given us effective coaching tools and helped us identify and respond to potentially serious staff problems. With the right people in the job and on-target coaching, we've been able to continuously meet our objectives in an extremely volatile business environment. Our low turnover rate in such high stress jobs is also testimony to the solid job fit these tools have enabled us to achieve. Having the right people motivated in the right way was our key success factor. We accomplished what many in the corporation said was impossible and have established a reputation as 'the group that gets it done'. In a results-oriented company, that's what counts." Freddye Silverman, V.P. Cendant Corporation

High Potential Development Coaching: "What a surprise! I had no idea what to expect when my boss signed me up for this program. Looking back over what we covered together is amazing to me. The four month program gave me a whole new perspective about what I want to do and how to develop myself. I've learned so much. People around me at work (subordinates, peers) are saying I've changed. I feel I am much more focused on my key accountabilities, my role as a leader and in charge of what I do. I can see my employees are more engaged than ever." [Typical of documented comments made one month after the conclusion of the program]

Hiring: "I just wanted to let you know that [new employee] received a favorable review from you and seems to be performing exactly as predicted. I think I finally found a winner! I would not have given him a chance based on how he presented himself at the interview. Thanks for helping me not overlook his potential." Steve Dohner, Owner

New Team Fast Start Program: "Carl was, from the outset, warm and approachable, clear and effective in persuading us of the friendliness of his concepts and tools; in that sense, disarming - he put us at ease. He listened well, responding well, and controlled the group process at a comfortable and appropriate level. He demonstrated throughout a command of and comfort with his subject, a depth of knowledge beyond the text on the page. The meeting came with its challenges - participant grogginess, new [manager] on the team, unknown instructor, and others. Carl turned it into an insightful, affirming and overall delightful experience."

Team Workshop - Participant Evaluations:

"The seminar was very helpful. I will continue to be [interested], as we study the results of the surveys and [hopefully] meet some more to exchange responses as a staff."

"Very effective seminar. I wish we could have gone longer. The discussion only raised more questions about things [that I wanted to know more about]. I would like to have your presence in another meeting with staff. Thanks for an interesting two days that was worth the time!"

"Evaluation of workshop: Interesting, polished, food for thought, instructive, helpful, worthwhile - knowledgeable instructor."

"Nice variation of activities. Definitely worth the investment of a day. Nice to have a whole team involved and offsite. I enjoyed seeing [everyone] enjoy themselves and learn."

"It was very interesting."

"Excellent. (Underlined for emphasis)"

"Very enlightening in terms of understanding others' attitude and communication styles."

"Extremely informative and insightful of how people interact and behave around one another. Well done!"

"I enjoyed this workshop. I felt it gave an unbiased look into yourself, your perception as well as other individuals' perceptions."

"The workshop validated some of the self image I had and enlightened me to a few I had not identified."

"Surprised at the accuracy of the assessments."

From an executive of the team: "The team feedback on the workshop was that it was very good and enlightening. Mike M. and Judy commented to me how impressed they were in the accuracy of the assessments and the value of the exercises provided them. I also received comments on the value of having all 3 teams attend from both locations, the opportunity of getting to know everyone better from the dinner and workshop, and ways of working together more effectively. Thanks for including us!" from a Sr. Executive not able to attend"

"I gotta tell ya, going into yesterday's workshop I was very skeptical. The last workshop (last year we had at the Marriot) really didn't do anything for me and based on that I honestly thought yesterday was going to be a waste of time. Man was I wrong. The techniques presented were really cool and my personal report was so accurate it gave me chills. I enjoyed the day and came away with some real good stuff. Thanks for the invite!"

"Enjoyable, worthwhile, excellent."

"It was interesting learning about other styles so that I can be more effective in dealing with them."

"Receiving profiles were very enlightening and it was amazing to see how on target the analysis was."

"I think the workshop was extremely beneficial to understanding individual styles which ultimately will assist us with creating more productive working relationships."

"This workshop was very enlightening. Everyone needs to have a mirror put up to their face and really get a good look. "

"The workshop was very informative. It was like hitting a brick wall. An individual has a general idea of the type of person they are but it doesn't seem to sink in until you have concrete evidence. "