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Dynamic Communication Workshop is very popular and effectiveBuilding a high performing team is not only possible but imperative in order to maneuver within the whitewater business environment. Collaboration and communication to create success is what we see in highly successful teams. Whether a project team, sales team, department work group or leadership team, we offer a powerful suite of team diagnostic tools, participant assessments and performance enhancement solutions.Let us customize the right solution to meet your organization's needs and put your people on the fast track to success as a team.

A team is dynamic. We can take a comprehensive approach to help you identify roles and talent needed for the team as well. And we can follow that with candidate assessments to ensure the people you add to the team are a fit to the role and the team.

  • Dynamic Communication for Teams - This is a hugely popular one-day workshop where participants learn about their own behavioral style, communication preferences and motivators and those of others on their team. We take participants through an interactive learning experience that teaches them how to recognize, appreciate and adapt to different styles and motivators. This program is highly effective at increasing engagement, reducing conflict, increasing collaboration, aligning to goals and achieve results. This is a must for all teams.
  • Team Behaviors and Motivators Analysis is a great supplement to our Dynamic Communication for Teams program. The more you understand your teams design, the easier it is to apply the right management strategies to maximize the results of the team. 
  • Teams Evolving And Mastering Success (TEAMS) - we use a combination of diagnostic work and group engagement for large-scale change initiatives. The same approach can be applied to  enterprise-wide needs and single work groups. The TEAMS survey measures the current effectiveness of Processes, Work Management, Relationships and Leadership. The TEAMS survey is ideal for taking an annual snapshot of organizational health and identifying initiatives.

    We offer an integrated solution of best-in-class diagnostic tools and facilitation services to drill down in focus groups and help the team find their own solutions.