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Coaching is certainly an individual development solution we specialize in (see tab for Coaching). With that said, we offer a less costly yet powerful program called Personal Insights for Accerlerated Professional Growth that is very popular for its ability to focus the individual and their manager within a professional development framework.

This program is ideal as an enterprise-wide offering for any level of employee.

A two-hour session between a manager, their employee (the focus) and a professional coach (The Nielson Group), referred to as a triad meeting, where we provide a comprehensive and engaging debriefing of the person's TriMetrix Talent assessment, discuss development opportunities and create a development plan. 

Program Highlights

  • TriMetrix HD assessment
  • 70+ page report about the individual's work-related talents
  • Three hour facilitated debriefing of the report in a triad format (boss, subordinate, consultant)
  • Debriefing can be delivered in one hour increments or in one sitting
  • Any location, no travel required - we use webinar tools
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP) developed
  • Personal skill development library for subordinate and boss to use as part of ongoing development strategy


  • Significantly greater self-awareness
    "I am amazed at how accurate the report was and the way it helped me to see myself, the good and the not so good."
  • Open dialogue between boss and subordinate
    "This was the best discussion I've ever had with my boss."
  • Laser-focused and tangible development goals
    "The PDP helped me stay committed and follow through. My boss was able to follow along and effectively support me."
  • Solid soft skill development guidance
    "Every time I read through the skill module I picked up something of value that was different from before. Just watching the online presentation of the skill development module was insightful. The exercises fit perfectly for me."
  • Excellent supplement to internal performance development process
  • Customizable based on level of employee/role

Twenty-five competencies are assessed using the TTI TriMetrix® HD system. The following table categorizes the 25 competencies using the domains identified by the National Research Council. (NRC, 2012).

Also included:

  • In-depth dialogue around the person's behavioral style, motivators, acumen and problem solving abilities
Domains from National Research Council (NRC, 2012)TTI TriMetrix® HD Competencies
Cognitive Competencies: n= 6 Creativity
Conceptual Thinking
Decision Making
Futuristic Thinking
Planning & Organization
Problem Solving Ability
Intrapersonal Competencies: n = 6 Continuous Learning
Goal Achievement
Personal Accountability
Interpersonal Competencies: n= 13 Conflict Management
Customer Focus
Diplomacy & Tact
Employee Development & Coaching
Interpersonal Skills
Understanding & Evaluating Others
Written Communication

  • EQ Supplemental Assessment
  • Leadership/Management Supplemental Report
  • Job Benchmark and Job-Talent Gap Report