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More than two-thirds of U.S. employers with 250 or more employees offer outplacement, at an average cost of $3,589 per employee, according to a survey for The Wall Street Journal by the American Management Association and Institute for Corporate Productivity.

60% of outplacement services are for one to three months. And another 18% receive outplacement for 3-6 months. Executives are likely to receive more services for a longer period of time.

According to market surveys, the cost of outplacement ranges from a high of over $10,000 for senior executives to $1,500 for hourly employees. The quantity of services is reflected by the variance in price. But the feedback we receive from our clients suggests the quality of service is all over the map - mostly disappointing for the recipient - and an added time-consuming headache for the employers' human resources staff. In fact, we started offering outplacement services upon request of our clients due to their dissatisfaction with the large firms that are in the outplacement space. And just to add insult to injury, we've had individuals pay out of their pocket for our services - even though their employer had paid several thousand dollars for the "big" outplacement firm's services.

  • A whopping 58% of respondents had frustrations with the services provided by their outplacement provider.
  • Traditional outplacement services such as office space and onsite coaching ranked significantly below competent assistance and quality support. Even virtual and social tools ranked higher in value to office space.
  • A blended approach that leverages a high tech-high touch approach to outplacement services is better, faster, and more affordable for businesses to implement, whether they are transitioning one person or 4000 people.

The Nielson Group provides customized packages for every client. The following are examples of packages at different price points. Call to discuss your specific needs and ideas. We'll develop a proposal that fits your budget and exceeds all expectations.

Large scale reductions are easily handled by our staff including onsite one-on-one communication meetings and group seminars.

  • Resume ReWrite Service
  • Group job search webinars

  • Resume ReWrite Service
  • Three one-on-one job search coaching sessions

  • Resume ReWrite Service
  • Three month one-on-one job search and interview coaching

  • Resume ReWrite Service
  • Six months one-on-one job search and interview coaching
  • Confidential client representation