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Click here to download the TriMetrix HD flyerThe Nielson Group wants to provide the right assessment solution to meet your needs. Generally, we recommend the following as a guideline:

Type of JobOpinion SurveyTalent InsightsTriMetrix HD
Hourly        Yes    
Skilled Trade        Yes               Yes
Professional, Sales and Office Staff        Yes      Yes
Managerial      Optional      Yes
Executive      Yes*

TriMetrix assessment TriMetrix HD assessment best assessment for hiring, executive assessment, management assessmentThe Nielson Group provides comprehensive support to meet your needs. The following levels of support are enjoyed by a wide range of clients across many industries.

Reports and Our Evaluation - You don't just get a report. We review the results and send you our evaluation notes with the report. You can still call to discuss any applicant.

24/7 Phone Support - Even though you'll find the assessment reports to be easy to understand, we don't expect you to become an expert in interpretation of assessment results. We offer phone debriefings to ensure your success. Applicant assessment result debriefings are always a part of our service agreement with you - at no additional charge.

*Executive Evaluations - Success starts at the top. We won't be making hiring decisions for you but you'll feel very confident in your hiring decisions. Our Executive Evaluation service is an expanded support service (additional cost added onto the assessment cost - we'll provide a turnkey per candidate price upon request and understanding of your needs) that provides the most comprehensive information available on the market - at a fraction of the cost of others. And our clients tell us our evaluation is more complete and accurate than those costing thousands more. Here is what we provide for the executive evaluation (strongly recommended for any position with total compensation above $150,000):

  • TriMetrix HD Executive Report Version - This report has over 70 pages of information, all presented in easy-to-interpret format. Many of the pages use bullet formatting so it isn't as overwhelming as it may seem.
  • Formal Executive Summary - Based on an up-front discussion to better understand your needs, we prepare a formal executive summary based on a careful analysis of the candidate's TriMetrix HD results.
  • Gap Report - If you have a completed job benchmark on file with us (we highly recommend this be a part of your talent acquisition strategy, see Job Benchmarking page), we'll produce a Gap Report that compares the Job's talent requirements to the candidate's Talent report results.
  • Candidate Comparison Report - We stay with you throughout the journey. Once you have your finalists identified, and if you've completed a job benchmark for the position, we create a comparison report that places up to five candidates together in one report along with the job's benchmark. We provide a short executive summary along with the report. If no job benchmark is available, we'll provide the short executive summary comparing the candidates you tell us you want to compare.
  • Hiring Committee Support - We know your hiring committee will appreciate a conference call to discuss differences in the candidates or get answers to questions. We not only expect this, we encourage you to schedule the call with us to ensure the hiring decision process goes smoothly.