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How your organization selects and develops its executive leaders affects your business's future growth and provides a distinct competitive advantage.

However, without the right tools to properly conduct executive selection, development, and succession planning, organizations tend to make decisions that are inconsistent and highly subjective. The Nielson Group offers a systematic, multidisciplinary approach to executive selection, development, and succession planning guided by our TriMetrix Executive Assessment package.

Choosing between candidates in a merger or acquisition, building the right team after a CEO transition or new strategy implementation, or selecting the top CEO successor candidates and identifying their development needs — having accurate insight into executive talent allows organizations to make these decisions more confidently — and avoid costly mistakes.

We work with clients to accurately assess senior executive teams at these critical moments, providing the insights needed to ensure the right executives are in the right roles today and offering the developmental recommendations to make sure future leaders are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Our multi-science approach to assessing senior-level executives is the most valid, reliable, and most importantly, highly predictive of leadership talents. As a result, we are able to deliver actionable information about executive strengths, limitations and risks.

We combine an evaluation of business-related, leadership competencies and rigorous referencing — to measure specific cognitive skills that enable superior executive performance.

Too often, companies make critical hiring, promotion and development decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and undependable information. Our assessment approach provides accurate and objective information about key player strengths and weaknesses that enable organizations to make thoughtful, informed leadership decisions. These insights can point to development needs for individual executives, reveal opportunities to improve executive team effectiveness and help make distinctions between finalist candidates for key positions.

  • Candidate evaluation
  • Executive Succession Planning and Development
  • CEO Transition and Team-building
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Shifts or Reorganization
  • Senior Team Effectiveness

  • TriMetrix 55-Factor Executive Assessment
  • Assess Behaviors, Motivators, Acumen, Problem-Solving, 25 Soft Skill Competencies
  • Critical Leadership/Management Skills (Concrete Organization, Handling Stress, Leading Others, Project Scheduling, Quality Orientation, Understanding Motivational Needs)
  • Leadership/Management Abilities (Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Planning and Organizing, Production Management, Self Management, Leadership by Example, Guiding Vision, Inspiring Excellence)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Summary

  • Basic Executive Assessment Package
  • Candidate Assessment and Experience Validation Interview
  • Reference interviews
  • Executive Summary

Gap Analysis - You have the choice of creating and using a customized job benchmark that defines a position's key talent requirements (we highly recommend using a job benchmark as part of your talent acquisition strategy, see Job Benchmarking page for more info). We use the job benchmark to produce a Gap Report that compares the job's talent requirements to the candidate's TriMetrix Talent report results.

Candidate Comparison Report - We stay with you throughout the journey. Once you have your finalists identified, and if you've completed a job benchmark for the position, we create a comparison report that places up to five candidates together in one easy-to-use report along with the job's benchmark. We provide a short executive summary with the report. If no job benchmark is available, we'll still provide the short executive summary comparing the different candidates you tell us you want to compare.

Any assessment that is considered highly reliable is expected to correlate with other assessments. We offer an entire suite of assessments that compliment each other. Our TriMetrix Talent assessment is a great tool. The Leadership 360 TriMetrix measures others' perceptions of the leaders' talents along the same dimensions as the TriMetrix Talent assessment.